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Nutrition is not only very complex but has ties to stress, taste, hunger, hormones, and a multitude of other reasons why we make the choices we do.  The backbone of a healthy, performing body is food and exercise.  These are interrelated - choices in one component affect the outcome of the other.  In an effort to maximize our clients’ health and performance journey, Peak is launching a progressive approach to simplify and apply this critical and sometimes overwhelming topic.  

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Knowledge is power.  Learning nutrition science in a step-by-step process WITH applicable lessons gives you the power to make decisions based upon YOUR needs.  Learning key concepts such as blood glucose management, muscle protein needs and sources, macronutrient timing, and more gives your control over your decisions from negative influences.  OWN your behaviors and maximize results by basing choices on objective information.  

Our group program contains three progressive levels of information and application.  Each level is a prerequisite for the next so we can “speak” the same language.  

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Nutrition Group Clinic Launch


Level 1 -

Build a proper eating strategy from the ground up. Learn foundational concepts with applicable resources to upgrade your nutrition quickly and efficiently. 

Develop a new standard of eating that can be built upon later for specific needs.  All future physiological lessons, weight management strategies, or sport-specific goals will be added to the foundation built here. 


Curriculum Includes:

  • Nutrition foundational science - food is energy, macronutrients, blood sugar - good vs. bad

  • Identify myths and misconceptions.

  • Hydration needs - water and electrolytes

  • “Remove and replace” - food can be medicine OR poison.  

  • Applicable eating schedules - learn how to customize yours!

  • Metabolic “Flexibility” 


Level 2 - 

Level up your nutrition with more detail oriented concepts including the relationship between exercise and food that works both ways.  We get deeper into the science and fine tuning type, quantity, and timing based upon individual needs.  Build a plan at this level that suits you, with strategies for hitting the mark and sustainment for long term success.  This is the PEAK Standard that we would like ALL clients to achieve.


Curriculum Includes:

  • Food sourcing - upgrade your shopping list

  • Micronutrient density vs. calorie counting

  • Fat vs. Carbs - when and why

  • How exercise type and volume has impact on food tolerance

  • Varying strategies based upon exercise type


Level 3 -

This level consists of very focused clinics taking a deep dive into specific areas of need.  These clinics are designed to MASTER a topic for your performance, health or weight management goals.  

Curriculum Includes:

  • Maximizing muscle building and recovery for the competing athlete.

  • Fat loss strategies combining exercise and nutrition.

  • Fueling and hydration for endurance sport performance.

  • Optimizing bone mineral density to treat or prevent osteoporosis.

  • Understanding objective testing needs for health optimization.

  • Low carb diets and fasting - Is it right for you?

  • Glycogen loading for sport performance.

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