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Service Bundles

Peak is focused on breaking the mold of a one size fits all approach when it comes to your fitness and performance.  Not only does each person have specific physiological and biomechanical needs, but our schedules, interests, and budgets all determine what strategy works for you!  


“It’s better to be good consistently, than great occasionally.” 

Workout at Home

When it comes to healthy eating, resistance training, and cardiovascular training, consistency wins above all else.  We know we can make more of a difference in our client’s progress by influencing the majority of their exercises sessions vs. having less frequent visits in the perfect setting. 


Peak now offers “Service Bundles” as a solution to optimize results with a custom approach for each client. 


Step 1 - Choose the services that meet your needs and wants


Hands - on Training - Need supervision to learn and provide accountability for resistance training, mobility, corrective exercise, etc.?  Fearful of losing detail-oriented quality on your own OR not motivated to lift by yourself?   Work with your coach to apply a comprehensive program in Peak guaranteeing successful reps, form, and effort!  


Group Classes - Do you like to socialize through exercise?  Do you thrive in a healthy competitive environment with motivation from peers?  Group classes are rated with levels to find the appropriate setting that fits you and your fitness plan.  This cost effective, fun environment can light a fire in your week.


Virtual Coaching - Enhance your program with a more comprehensive approach to your strategy.  Work with a coach to look at the ten-thousand-foot view of your long term goals and build a strategy to get there.  Virtual coaching includes the daily exercise content delivered with your setting, equipment, and schedule in mind.   Homework is prescribed for at home, on the road or in another gym when you are not in Peak.  This service can cater to the traveling business exec., the high school lacrosse player, or the metric driven endurance athlete alike.  

Step 2 - Choose the frequency of each setting and service that works best for you.


Each client has an individual lifestyle, and the bundle is custom fit to support and enhance within different schedule-types. Take a look at some of our client examples below!

Workout at Home

Client #1

Came to peak to work on nagging aches and pains with running as a cardio mode.  Client wants to work on effective strength plan to reduce pains, build leg strength and return to recreational running in local events.


  • Begin with Gait Analysis service to determine biomechanical red flags and running form errors. 

  • Bundle services:

    • 2 x wk hands-on training in a one-on-one setting to correct movement issues, add mobility and strength while learning how to apply home care program.

    • 4 x week virtual coaching plan working around aches and pains with running (cross training), then building back in a return to run program.  One additional day of weight training for home application is included.

Client #2

Field Hockey Players

High school athlete with the goal of preparing for club tournaments and the upcoming season.  Needs to build change of direction ability, conditioning, and strength.


  • Partner Trains with a teammate 3 x wk targeting injury prevention strategies, strength development, and change of direction technique.

  • Adds virtual coaching 3 x wk for a home conditioning plan specific to individual and sport needs.

  • Participates in a nutrition consultation appointment to determine nutrient needs for muscular development, hydration strategies for summer tournament schedule and non-processed food options to improve health.

Client #3

Weightlifting exercises

General fitness client looking to lose weight, build muscle, and prevent osteoporosis.  Client needs budget friendly options and assistance with nutrition accountability / education.


  • Nutrition Coaching - Nutrition strategy is developed after intake appointment with our nutrition coach.  For three months, content is delivered with weekly communication and accountability check-ins.  

  • 2 x wk classes are attended for combo weight bearing strength training and conditioning.

  • 3 x wk virtual coaching for non-Peak day exercise prescriptions (cardio and strength).  


Step 3 - Bundle pricing over 3 months and pay in monthly installments.


Classes and one on one pricing options are based upon frequency (1, 2 or 3 sessions per week).  Virtual coaching options are chosen based upon frequency of content delivered each week. 


All services must be redeemed within the 3-month time period. 


Additional sessions or classes may be added during your bundle period at the same rate as your bundle commitment.  

Reach out below to discuss an optimized bundle plan for success!


Reach out below to discuss an optimized bundle plan for success!

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