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Running can come in many forms.  It can be a mode of cardiovascular fitness, competitive race training or sport-specific conditioning.  Regardless of the setting, RUNNING IS A SKILL.  Let’s start treating it like one.  

The process of enhancing a skill should contain the following steps:


ASSESS - evaluate current status to determine needs from starting point

EDUCATE - learn concepts for next steps in development

APPLY - take concept and apply with specific drills or exercises to practice new concept

REPEAT - reassessment, learning next concept, and practicing is the cyclical pattern that creates long term success.

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Part 1 - ASSESS

60 minutes analysis of your current running at various speeds applicable to your training program or racing needs.  


  • Multi-angle video analysis using high frame rate for optimal review clarity

  • Running metric data collection using RunScribe Pod System

  • Hands-on Movement Screening - evaluation of mobility, stability, functional movement quality, and discussion of goals, current training program, and health history.

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60 minute appointment including: analysis of your current running at various speeds applicable to your training program or racing needs.  


  • Review of video analysis - see can compare your movement with optimal alignment, positioning, and posture.

  • Review of RunScribe Metrics - see data associated with force application, braking, foot mechanics, leg stability / strength, cadence, pelvis rotation / tilt / sway, and more.  

  • Learn and apply individual specific exercises to improve your needs based on analysis results.  These areas could be stabilization, strength, coordination, mobility, neuromuscular reprogramming, etc.  

  • Leave with a direction for movement goals, running cues, and exercise programming content.

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Next Steps - RE-ASSESS

(add on service)

  • Follow up 90 minute appointment for video and metric collection with comparison to prior results.

  • Hands-on movement screening.

  • Follow up from prior exercise prescription and revision for progressions to plan.

Fit Woman

Check out Zoe's testimonial talking about her experience and the benefits that she got out of the PEAK Gait Analysis Tool!

Check out Alen's testimonial talking about his experience and the benefits that he got out of the PEAK Gait Analysis Tool!



How does the gait analysis benefit me?

  • Decrease pain when running

  • Improve efficiency - energy conservation for distance running

  • Increase speed - deliver power to the ground at optimal angles

  • Reduce risk of chronic injury - catch “red flags” before they become injuries

  • Prepare for an increase in mileage, a training program, or a sport season by learning the optimal place to start

  • Tailor your mobility, stability, or strength program to address your running specific needs

Why do I need all of this high tech info?

In this two part service, we will capture “red flags” that are sapping your efficiency, slowing you down, causing pain, or increasing your risk of injury.  Video analysis shows body positioning, joint angles and compromised movement strategies that need to be addressed.  The metrics from RunScribe Pod Technology picks up data for patterns that we both can and cannot see in video.  Without slow motion video and objective data, you cannot address your needs with accuracy.  People commonly “treat” running issues or try to improve performance with cookie cutter workouts that are “good for runners”.  We custom tailor education and exercise needs based on YOUR data.  This approach streamlines the process and shows data backed results.

What info does the RunScribe system collect?

RunScribe’s multi-pod system captures analytics helping us identify red flags for injury risk and performance related metrics, such as:


  • Force application (vertical and braking)

  • Cadence

  • Stride length and segmented phase times

  • Swing phase control

  • Foot metrics such as pronation rate and excursion

  • Stabilization quality during stance phase

  • Critical data showing pelvis motion and asymmetries is also captured showing origination of poor patterns, core control or hip restrictions

What do these services cost?

  • $250 - Full Service Gait Analysis - 2 x 60 minute sessions included plus trainer metric and video breakdown

  • $225 - Existing training clients with an active training package

  • $150 Follow Up - 1 x 90 minute session



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