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Nutrition can be a complex, scary topic.  Pile on social media advice, pressure from friends, creative marketing and addictive food sources, no wonder our society has food related problems!  Many of us don’t want to even disclose what we are eating let alone change our ways.  At Peak, we believe that once you understand how your body interacts with fuel (food), you are more likely to improve your decisions.  Instead of using “hope” strategies, taking advice from a friend or following extreme diets, make your next step a calculated one.

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Learn the how’s and why’s of nutrition for YOU.

  • How food impacts YOUR health

  • Relationship of exercise type and quantity to food choices

  • How hard work can be negated by missing the mark with nutrition

  • Custom strategies that work for YOU

Peak makes nutrition about you.  A unique life, body, schedule, and goal requires a custom strategy.  Our nutrition services help clients find success in a variety of areas.

  • Increasing muscle mass

  • Decreasing fat mass

  • Disease risk reduction

  • Improving metabolic function / flexibility

  • Reducing inflammation

  • Building consistency with quality food sources

  • Home food prep and planning

  • Reducing recovery time from workouts / events

  • Improving in game and race performance via hydration and fueling

  • Cramp reduction

  • Improvement in bone mineral density


Browse the multiple paths we offer to reach your optimal health and performance!


Begin your nutrition journey with a ONE-ON-ONE consultation to set appropriate goals, determine a custom strategy, apply various tools, and streamline your journey.  This service includes detailed intake of current and history of eating habits, exercise, and obstacles, and goals.  We follow up with a discussion about areas to change and what you are ready to embrace.  Strategies are developed and education is provided to understand what and how change occurs.  We follow up with resources to facilitate the plan, i.e. recipes, food logging apps, schedule planning, macronutrient lists and rations, meal schedules, etc.  


Consultations are an effective way to problem solve, understand physiology, and customize around your lifestyle.  We will provide applicable solutions for complicated health history, fitness, and weight loss plateaus, and/or sports specific performance goals.

  • 75 minute, In-person, or video call

  • Follow Up email with resources and strategy.


Find yourself overwhelmed with nutrition or have trouble staying “on track”?  Nutrition Coaching is your solution for a custom plan that addresses your needs, experience, setting, and readiness for change.  After an initial consultation, education and application of your plan will be delivered at the rate that you are ready for.  We’ll tackle problems as they arrive and provide solutions for navigating in the future.  This plan is a step-by-step approach to make sure you create habits and build knowledge that last a lifetime.  

  • Success Tools (behavior tracking, food logging, metric tracking, recipes, shopping lists, etc.)

  • Cronometer mobile app with coach access and feedback

  • 3-month initial commitment, month - month after

  • 60-minute consultation

  • Weekly communication via email, phone, or zoom

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