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Peak's 6000 sq. ft. footprint blends office, medical, and industrial features to house a variety of health providers and services with a combination of privacy and camaraderie.  Our cardio room is used for session warm up / cool down, interval training, HIIT training, and cardio classes. 


Equipment includes Cybex and Precor treadmills, Concept 2 rowing and ski ergs, Rogue echo bikes, Concept 2 bike erg, Precor elliptical and NordicTrack Incline Trainer to meet all needs.  The main gym is used for private and group training and group classes with space to work with large groups or meet a variety of individual needs without a shortage of equipment.  Dumbbells from 1lb - 100lbs, squat racks, TRX suspension trainers, strength bands, adjustable benches, cable functional trainers, and olympic bars / platform / plates are plenty. 


We believe in training to perform OUTSIDE of the gym setting, so equipment is chosen to make your settings specific to real life challenges.  Our multi-purpose Classroom includes work space for zoom training sessions and classes, movement screenings, nutrition appointments, and lectures. It also doubles as our "PEAK Lab" for gait analysis review and exercise testing using Moxy muscle oxygen testing technology and PNOE metabolic analyzer.  Rounding out our facility with locker areas, 4 bathrooms with showers and towel service, a front desk / waiting room and pro-shop, we provide all that is needed for your health, fitness, and performance care.  




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