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Home Fitness

We’ve stockpiled a list of equipment, supplements, healthy foods, and more from PEAK approved brands. Streamline your search by using products and services that we hold to the highest standards.  Browse below and reach out if you need assistance applying info to your specific workout setting, health / fitness regimen or nutrition strategy. 

Working out at home doesn’t need to be an expensive or involved process.  To make it easier for you, we’ve narrowed down the effective equipment / accessories that we use and trust.  Pick up some or all of the training equipment below and take advantage of more thorough Virtual Coaching or Virtual Class options.  Reach out to us with any questions when choosing what’s right for you.





For years, we’ve trusted Thorne Research as an industry leader in needs-specific product development and manufacturing practices. Learn more about why Thorne meets Peak's standard in health and quality!





Ancient Nutrition provides creative, minimally processed supplementation options to meet very specific eating strategies, such as paleo, keto, vegan, etc.  The combination of high quality sourced ingredients, minimal use of additives, and low or no sugar options makes Ancient Nutrition a trusted, PEAK-approved brand for your nutritional needs.



Bulletproof is functional nutrition, here to prove that better is closer than you think. We re-imagine nutrition with science-backed and thoughtfully sourced ingredients to create quality additions to your daily wellness routine. Whether you’re supplementing your vitamin intake or fueling your workout, Bulletproof can help you discover what better feels like.

Use code"peak" to get 15% off of your BULLETPROOF order!




We have been shopping with Heartland Foods farm sourced meat and veggies, delivery service since 2018. The quality, convenience and customer service are always top notch. Looking to fuel your body with the cleanest, safest, purest proteins on the planet look no further, try Heartland Foods today and taste the difference!

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