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Virtual Coaching

The traditional gym - trainer model is based on a fixed number of appointments per week to get your routine beatdown.  The client leaves exhausted and is on their own until the next scheduled suffer session that could be 2-7 days later.  This relationship creates the mindset of “more difficult equals more effective.”  Trainers beat up their clients.  Clients resent their trainers or are too exhausted to do anything effective on “off” days between sessions.  This quickly plateaus any progress.

We look at client needs from a 10k foot view.  Each workout over a year, season, or month has a specific goal in the long-term development plan.  Each workout should be related to what the client has already completed and where they are going the next day, week, and month.  Each day should have a goal with a specific stimulus to cause adaptation.  That might be high intensity interval training, muscular endurance, mobility, change of direction, threshold tolerance, or even REST.  The more intentional your training is, the more responsive your adaptations will be.

Virtual coaching builds a long-term plan, applies the micro (daily / weekly) workout strategy, and creates accountability through tracking and communication.  Coaching includes program design and delivery of content using one or more mobile applications.  We use Training Peaks for our cardio-based programming and Train Heroic for our strength / mobility-based workouts.  Each week your individual specific program is customized and uploaded to your app for application at home, during travel, or at your own gym.  


Coaching is effective for many applications, such as endurance sports (running, biking, trail runs, ocr, mtb, rowing, etc.), field and court sports (lacrosse, hoops, football, soccer, etc.), general fitness and health optimization.  Our clients have been successful using coaching for a number of reasons:

  • Navigating obstacles - Travel, equipment availability, time, and budget are all addressed with communication, creative workout programming, and cost-effective monthly options to deliver high volume content with a low budget.

  • Accountability - Weekly communication with your coach along with app metric tracking and workout completion features keeps you on task with full transparency.  

  • Data - for data junkies, we can geek out with you!  Analytics from wearable technology (garmin, wahoo, apple, polar, etc.) can be synced with Training Peaks to prescribe and track workouts and adaptations over time.  We use heart rate, power (watts), gps (pace, speed, vertical ascended), efficiency (pace:HR, efficiency factor, cardiac drift, etc.), energy expenditure and more.  Since numbers don’t lie… we prefer incorporating them into your protocol. 

Virtual coaching can be extremely effective when combined with in person training - either in classes, small group, or one on one settings.  Hand-on training reinforces quality with weight room work and coaching provides content and progression detail for most of us who can’t meet with a trainer 6-7 days per week!


When you are ready to tackle your next sport specific goal or take on a new fitness journey, hiring a coach can be LIFE CHANGING!




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