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Identify and break down walls through custom exercise and nutrition, accountability, and long term progression. 

Welcome to PEAK Custom Fitness Solutions and affiliate providers. The concept is simple, yet effective. Put a number of passionate, credentialed, experienced providers in the health, wellness, medical, and fitness industries all under one roof and good things happen. Our clients have access to customized health and fitness planning through a staff of strength and conditioning coaches, nutrition coaches, and corrective exercise specialists. As additional support and expertise is needed, our network of in house affiliate providers help our clients overcome obstacles to keep moving forward!


In 2009, PEAK was founded through sacrifice, dedication, and collaboration with like minded providers in the health, wellness, performance industries.  Now over 10 years later, PEAK’s multifaceted approach to health, fitness, and performance brings a customized menu and wide range of services to meet our clients’ wants AND needs.  


Since day one, we have been different.  We like to call it refreshing.  Through objectively assessing client needs, customizing strategies that fit, and applying the tools needed for success, we are far from the common approach to fitness.  PEAK is a place for problem solving.  Our coaches target obstacles instead of avoiding them.  We provide solutions using the best tool to solve the problem (i.e. physical therapy, exercise, coaching, pilates, nutrition, massage, etc.) and work seamlessly to keep the ball moving forward.  


The PEAK standard combines accurate content delivery and the values we pride ourselves on including service, accountability, humility and teamwork.  Here at PEAK we change more than our clients’ bodies.  



Peak's 6000 sq. ft. footprint blends office, medical, and industrial features to house a variety of health providers and services with a combination of privacy and camaraderie.

  • 6000+ sq. ft. of usable space

  • 600+ sq. ft. classroom

  • 600+ sq. ft. cardio room

  • Conference room

  • Recovery lounge with heat, ice, Normatec, Hypervolt, etc.

  • Indoor turf

  • Front desk

  • (3) showers

  • Pro Shop

  • Mat Pilates
  • Massage Therapy

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