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Intense Training

Hands-On Training

We value the how’s just as much as the “why’s.”  When training is performed in a supervised setting we can quantify training quantity, effort, and effectiveness.  Our hands-on training services incorporate private, partner, and small group settings with a strength and conditioning coach.  These 60-minute sessions involve detail- oriented application of custom exercise prescriptions.  Our training services are based upon your Movement Screening results, goals and current ability.  Hands-on training can also be used for educational sessions where instruction is provided for application on your own including movement pattern tweaking, corrective strategies, and new exercises.  


Hands-on training is recommended as a starting point for most due to the importance of an early individual specific instructional environment.  Some clients benefit from remaining in this setting and some use it as a complement or stepping stone for future services, such as classes, group training and/or coaching services.

Hands-on training services can be purchased by the session, in packages, or as part of a 12 week bundle plan.




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