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Fitness, health, and performance reinvented.

PEAK Custom Fitness Solutions


Have you ever noticed...

how our industry is full of “quick solutions” and shiny new fads that come and go?  In our 14 years of working with pro athletes, weekend warriors, fitness newbies and rehab clients, we’ve seen what doesn’t work… shortcuts. 

We value long term accomplishment over short term comfort.  We believe in finding simple solutions to complex problems.  We follow research, proven strategies, and data over opinions, fads, and fun.  If you are ready to maximize your potential, hungry for more, or just frustrated you’ve come to the right place.  


Every path to success requires a multi-faceted approach.  Our team assesses needs, solves problems, and leads you on a journey to your potential. Using a combination of services and settings, we meet your schedule, budget, and physiological needs to form a tailored plan with accountability and measurable results.


Take your first step in the RIGHT direction.


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Hands-On Training

Are you looking to take your performance to the next level? We offer custom training plans tailored to your goals!


Recovering from a new injury, or looking to improve range of motion/strength from and old one? We evaluate and make plans focused on your optimal health.


Trying to live a healthier lifestyle and get in shape? We offer many individual and group classes that focus on overall fitness and health.

Service Bundles

Do you keep striving for that second wind and love the thrill of competing? We get you. Our staff is full of individuals who know what it takes to compete.


Aging Optimally (Educational Clinic)


  Learn the relationship between short term goals and long term optimal healthspan.  Plot your course to success by using specific objectives and strategies to reduce risk of preventable disease.  Join our nutrition coach and strength and conditioning coach, Ryan Morrissey, for a 60 minute interactive discussion providing clarity in a cloudy industry.  Learn critical markers to check from both a clinical (lab testing) and functional (gym testing) perspective so you can advocate for yourself.

Summer Athlete Training Programs

Gait Analysis 6.png

  Reach out now to discuss your or your child's summer season training plans.  We have private, partner, and group program opportunities for all ages and levels. 


Training can be foundational for young or new athletes OR detail oriented position specific for our more experiences.  We have a solution for you.  

Coming Soon:


Peak's 6000 sq. ft. footprint blends office, medical, and industrial features to house a variety of health providers and services with a combination of privacy and camaraderie.


Ready to Get Started?

The first step in The PEAK Process is new client registration, which includes new client form completion and MindBody Client Portal setup. Use the link below to prepare for your first PEAK appointment


If you still have some questions about Peak Custom Fitness Solutions, contact us for more information and one of our trainers will respond as soon as possible.

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