Yoga & Pilates

Inspired by the same intention to offer safe, bio-mechanically correct training programs to our clients, PEAK Custom Fitness Solutions incorporated Yoga & Pilates classes to its list of services.  Our staff understands the benefits that our clients can receive through safely and appropriately instructed yoga and pilates (body awareness, mobility, core stability, peace of mind/stress management, etc.) and how those skills can further elevate their training abilities and performance.

Peak Yoga

PEAK Yoga, instructed by PEAK trainer Ruthie O'Hehir, is a stretch-based class that uses yoga postures, props, and breathing techniques to improve flexibility and mobility.  Just like our other group training classes, PEAK Yoga offers:

  • Limited class size (6-8 participants) to ensure individualized attention,

  • Postures that can be modified and/or progressed based on the needs of each participant,

  • Safe, effective, and evidence-based postures and methods,

PEAK Yoga is designed to compliment, not interfere with, workout programming during other days of the week.

If you are interested in registering for PEAK Yoga, click here to see it on our class schedule.  If you have any question about whether or not PEAK Yoga is right for you, speak with your trainer or contact us at (410)224-0441 or


Small Group Mat Pilates with Kim Shemer

The new year is approaching and it's time to make some resolutions!  Perhaps getting your core in order is to be the focus of 2018!  Need to trim down your mid-section after all the Christmas cookies and cocktails? Or stabilize your spine to finally get rid of that chronic low back ache?  Pilates is for you.

Kim Shemer Kurtzman teaches an open level class, appropriate for beginners and very challenging for those with experience.  And it's really fun! 

Please contact Kim for more details regarding future classes and programs:  All classes are located at PEAK Custom Fitness Solutions, 2151 Renard Court in Annapolis, MD.


Pilates Reformer

Contact Kim Shemer Kurtzman for more details.