PEAK offers a wide variety of training services and avenues to progress for our diverse clientele of rehabilitation patients, general population, endurance athletes, weekend warriors, and competitive athletes at all levels from middle school to professional. 

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Corrective Exercise

The most neglected and most important phase of training in a comprehensive and individualized exercise program is Corrective Exercise.  The human body develops chronic patterns of movement from misuse, i.e. poor posture, repetitive improper movement, etc.  If the pattern is not addressed and corrected, symptoms can appear.  In order to rectify these issues or prevent future damage, poor patterns need to be identified and treated through corrective strategies including but not limited to mobility work, stabilization, posture drills, and motor programming.  If the body is loaded with the stress of exercise on a platform that isn't sound, further damage can occur.  

Corrective Exercise addresses red flags that reduce performance and increase the risk of injury.  Dedicating time and energy in this phase of training allows for increased potential during later phases. 


Total Health Management

Over the past few decades our country's health trends have been headed in the wrong direction.  Diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and neurological disorders are all on the rise.  We have the information available to make a change, but as a society we haven't been able embrace it. 

At Peak, we take a preventative approach to managing health.  We'll help you get to the root cause of the problem instead of putting a band-aid on it.  Through education, goal setting, and support, and a comprehensive network of professionals, you gain access to the tools needed to make a change.  Our trainers will take a holistic approach to managing your health by including the following components:

  • Weight management

  • Cardiovascular fitness

  • Proper joint function

  • Mobility

  • Muscular endurance and strength

  • Ergonomics

  • Blood sugar maintenance



Looking to improve strength, increase muscle, lose fat mass, or just have your clothes fit a little better?

Tired of donating $50 to your gym every month without seeing any results?

Contact us for a game plan for success.  Our training staff will quantify your needs, provide you with the information needed to make better lifestyle choices, and develop an individual-specific plan to accomplish your goals.  

There's a lot of inaccurate information in the media about exercise and nutrition.  Stop falling for it. Find the truth regarding weight loss, strength gains, cardiovascular development, and application of various training modes.  You deserve a plan customized for you, not some cookie cutter approach that works for 10% of the people that follow it.    


Athletic Performance

Our Athletic Performance training focuses on sport and position specific needs.  Both competitive and recreational athletes benefit from proper short and long term preparation for the demands of their sport or activity.  We take a calculated approach when formulating your plan based on targeting weaknesses and elevating your strengths.  

Beginning with an in-depth analysis of injury risk factors, performance limiters, and timeline of off-season preparation, our trainers take you step by step through the process of corrective exercise, movement re-education, and individual-specific training both in the weight room and in your activity’s environment (field, court, etc.).  

By quantifying and addressing your weaknesses, mimicking specific athletic movements, and following proper biomechanical research, our approach carries over to success on the field not just improvement in weight room numbers.  If you are looking to Streamline the process of performance enhancement by:

  • following a research-based, individual approach

  • diagnosing and correcting weak links in your body's mechanics

  • applying training to a functional setting that transitions to sport-specific movements


Athlete Evaluations

Health & Movement Consultation - All new athletes are screened for joint restrictions, compensatory patterns, joint instability, and further "red flags" that could increase risk for acute injuries (ex: ACL injuries, ankle sprains, etc.) and chronic injuries (ex: shin splints, patellar tendonitis, etc.) along with decreasing performance.  Consultations are an educational opportunity lacking in most team sport training programs where athletes learn proper alignment, functional and efficient movement, and corrective exercise strategies to address their individual limitations.

Performance Testing - Available on request, sport specific testing battery is developed and applied for athletes that are looking for objective performance data.  Performance Testing is only available for athletes that have completed a consultation and are qualified to complete each test.  Long-term athletes can have an Athlete Profile generated, which is a compilation of their progress through testing over time.  Athlete Profiles can be useful tools to send to coaches during the recruiting process.  Please contact us to set up a performance evaluation.   

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