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What sets us apart from other training facilities?  

At PEAK, we value education, professionalism, and passion.  We take your fitness seriously and think you should, too.  We practice safe, effective, and evidence-based training techniques and follow the mantra “TRAIN HARD, TRAIN SMART.”  These values serve as the foundation for our custom fitness solutions and the application of our programs for each individual.

No two people have the same physiology or training needs, so why follow someone else’s plan?  

From your first appointment with a trainer, PEAK provides an individual-specific approach.  Your trainer will gather information regarding your current health and performance, explain the significance of your screening results, and develop a plan for improvement.  The application of your plan is a step-by-step approach that is customized for your schedule, budget, experience, and commitment.  Along the way, your trainer will answer the whys and hows with research-based information.  You will learn more about the details of your body, the stimulus needed to change it, and common fitness myths than you ever would from another resource. 

We assess each new PEAK client to determine what is needed to create a strong foundation from which we can progress the individual to meet their health/fitness/performance goals.  We re-assess after each short-term training phase to determine the next logical step for progression.  By periodically evaluating our clients' development, we can gauge the effectiveness of their program as well as the client's commitment to their training plan.  This information helps PEAK trainers continually customize a client's training plan to keep them on track for success.

The PEAK Process is the framework PEAK trainers use to evaluate/assess PEAK clients, design and implement individualized training programs, and offer relevant, complementary services through affiliate health professional -- all while fitting the schedule, budget, and training preferences of our diverse client population.


Complete a Health & Movement Consultation with one of our trainers.

We want to learn as much as we can about your health history, goals, current level of fitness, and your unique movement patterns, injury risk factors, and possible limitations.




Based on the results of your Health & Movement Consultation, PEAK trainers design and implement personalized programs to advance you through our training continuum.  You determine how far you advance in the continuum based on your short and long term goals.  As goals and client needs can change over time, the training continuum provides the structure to meet you where you are and safely progress you to the level of health/fitness you wish to achieve.

PEAK Custom Fitness Solutions Training Continuum

PEAK Custom Fitness Solutions Training Continuum


PEAK trainers have a thorough understanding of the training continuum and health & performance improvement methods.   Our trainers also understand the benefit and importance of involving other like-minded health & fitness professionals when a client's needs fall outside of their scope of practice.

PEAK Custom Fitness Solutions is the only training facility in Annapolis offering an Integrated Services Model.

PEAK's Integrated Services Model allows for PEAK clients to receive meaningful, complementary services that will further advance their health, wellness, and/or performance.  Think of your PEAK trainer as a general contractor.  He/she provides the overall health and performance plan (blueprints), performs the work that he/she is qualified to do, and defers to qualified subcontractors for anything the client needs for success beyond their scope of practice.

At PEAK Custom Fitness Solutions, we deliver safe, effective, and evidence-based training.  PEAK's Integrated Services Model is comprised of in-house, like-minded health professionals (affiliates).  PEAK trainers can refer clients with confidence, knowing the client will receive safe, effective, and evidence-based treatment outside the training setting.  Furthermore, our affiliates practice in the same building as PEAK trainers, so services are readily accessible to our clients and allow for the trainer and the health professional to communicate, as needed and appropriate, to ensure the best overall care of the client.

The PEAK Integrative Services Model includes:

  • Physical Therapy

  • Mental Skills and Performance Coaching

  • Endurance Athlete Coaching

  • Yoga & Pilates

  • Integrative Nutrition Coaching

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We offer our services in a variety of difference settings to make it easy for our clients to customize their experience to meet their goals, schedule, budget, and provide the training experience that is most comfortable/beneficial for the individual.

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