Women's High School Summer Lax Program

Join PEAK this Summer for a comprehensive approach to Sport Performance involving multiple components of the PEAK service model including:

  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Mental Performance Coaching
  • Nutrition Coaching

Learn how overlapping components of health and performance have a synergistic effect on both short term improvement and long term development in youth athletes.  Combine up to date training methods, individual specific attention, and physical / mental strategies to increase risk of injury and develop physical and mental performance!   

Strength & Conditioning

Training is more than just sweating.  This 8 week off-season plan involves age and experience specific training to address immediate "red flags" that increase injury risk and sap performance.  Proper body awareness, joint stability, and efficient movement strategies are learned and applied in a program that builds muscular endurance, strength, agility and power needed to perform at a high level. 

Mental  Performance Coaching

Physical potential can only be achieved if the mind allows.  Mental skills coaching identifies and addresses roadblocks that prevent max performance from being achieved.   Learn strategies to build a high performing mind from Raegan Geldart, Sport Psychology Master’s student, and Dr. Tim Herzog, CMPC.   Combine physical performance and mental performance training to reach new heights! 

Nutrition Coaching

To achieve optimal performance, the proper type, quantity, and timing of fuel is required.  Identify nutrition shortcomings and develop strategies to increase energy stores, improve muscle mass and strength, achieve optimal strength to weight ratio (improves speed), and improve mental clarity and focus.  Meet with our Integrative Nutrition Coach to take full advantage of your physical training by ensuring proper fueling strategies.  

Program Details

Included Services:

  • (16) sessions from Monday, June 26th - Thursday, August 16th
  • T/Th - 10:00am-11:30am sessions at PEAK
  • Biomechanical Group Screening and Posture Ed. on Day 1
  • (6) Group mental skills performance workshops on the following topics:
    • Goal Setting in a Second!
    • Balancing Present Moment Focus with Long Term Goals
    • Team Building
    • Control the “Controllables”
    • Mental Imagery
    • “I can!” (Self-Confidence)
    • Every Role is Important

*All group workshops are led by Raegan Geldart, Sport Psychology Master’s student, under the supervision of Dr. Tim Herzog, CMPC.  Learn more by clicking here.

  • Cost: 
    • 3-5 athletes - $725
    • 6-8 athletes - $635
    • 9-12 athletes - $555

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in attending the program or have questions.  We have limited slots available and group is first come first serve.  Registration and payment will occur 2-3 days prior to the program with rates based on athlete numbers above.  Filling out this form reserves a slot in the program.

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Available Services:

Nutrition Coaching 

  • Parent Workshop: Nutrition for Sports Performance (Led by Ruthie O'Hehir, Trainer and Integrative Nutrition Coach)
    • Wednesday, July 11th - 7-8pm @ PEAK Custom Fitness Solutions
    • $30 / family
  • Nutrition Consultation - one on one appointment with Ruthie
  • Online Coaching - ongoing nutrition coaching in 30 day intervals 

Mental Skills Performance Coaching

  • Parent Workshop: “What’s the Optimal Level of Push?” (Led by Dr. Tim Herzog, assisted by Regan Geldart)
    • Wed, June 27th from 7-8pm
    • $20/parent or $25 for both parents
  • Individual sessions (Package of FOUR meetings): $160 Total
    • Intake session: 90 minute intake interview, including mental skills assessment and breathing/biofeedback assessment (Led by Regan Geldart and Dr. Tim Herzog)
    • Three 45 minute individual mental performance sessions (Led by Regan Geldart, supervised by Dr. Tim Herzog)