Summer Sports Performance Training

Join PEAK this Summer for a comprehensive approach to Sports Performance Training involving multiple components of the PEAK service model. Take advantage of the entire off-season and pre-season periods to maximize performance potential for your upcoming season and future in athletics.

Learn how overlapping components of health and performance have a synergistic effect on both short term improvement and long term development in middle, high school, and collegiate athletes.  Combine up to date training methods, individual specific attention, accountability, and physical strategies to decrease risk of injury and improve physical performance!   

Functional Resistance Training

Training is more than just sweating.  Off-season plans include age and sport specific programs address both sport components of fitness and individual needs or weaknesses. Proper body awareness, joint stability, mobility and efficient movement strategies are learned, developed and applied in a program that builds muscular endurance, strength, agility and power needed to perform at a high level. 


Maximizing potential can only be achieved if consistency and hard work are applied to proper programming.  Goals such as increased speed or gaining lean muscle mass require multiple components of fitness / nutrition to align.  Every workout missed or improper fuel taken in limits potential development in an offseason program.  Learn strategies to fully commit to your development and exceed your expectations!  

Nutrition Coaching

To achieve optimal performance, the proper type, quantity, and timing of fuel is required.  Identify nutrition shortcomings and develop strategies to increase energy stores, improve muscle mass and strength, aid recovery and improve mental clarity and focus.  Our Integrative Nutrition Coach is available for individual specific nutrition coaching, quick tips, or complete strategy overhaul to get you moving quickly toward your performance and health goals.

Available Services

Sport Specific - Group Programs

  • 60-90 minute group training sessions

  • Set schedule including 2-3 x wk of training

  • Sport and age specific training program

Small Group Training

  • 60-90 minute small group (3-6) training sessions

  • Customized programming for individual needs

  • Flexible schedule

Online Coaching / Program Design -

  • Custom program development for your needs

  • Work out at your own gym or at home

  • Use as add-on for additional days outside of hand-on PEAK Training

  • App access via desktop / phone / tablet

    • Conditioning

    • resistance training

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