Seasonal Athlete Performance Programs

Success in sports is not a mystery, it's a science.

PEAK offers sport-specific training programs throughout the year to properly prepare athletes for their upcoming season.  Follow PEAK's systematic, multi-disciplinary approach to prepare for your next sport season!  Programs include:

  • 3-4 months of consistent training in a group atmosphere
  • Nutritional consulting options
  • Age appropriate resistance training
  • Field or court training
  • Exercise testing

Happening NOW!: Fall 2018 Athlete Performance Training


Available athlete services:

  • Age and sport specific strength and conditioning via PEAK's Strength and Conditioning Specialists.
  • Goal setting and measurable tracking of physical progress
  • Nutritional consulting to improve energy, enhance recovery, decrease inflammation, and address timing for optimal performance.
  • Mental skills education and hands on practice to reach your physical potential via Tim Herzog with Reaching Ahead.


  • Find out what YOU need to improve performance
  • Develop the skills needed to reach your potential
  • Add structure and consistency to your workout routine
  • Use cutting edge training techniques that improve on-field/court performance
  • Learn the science behind efficient and explosive movement
  • Improve work-ethic, focus and intensity
  • Learn how to avoid preventable injuries


  • High School Men's and Women's Lax
  • Girls Field Sports
  • Men's HS Multi-Sport

*All new athletes must complete a Health and Movement Consultation prior to joining a group.  


  1. Athletes purchase a package of performance sessions.  
  2. Sessions are scheduled using our group class calendar below.  
  3. Athletes sign up for the sessions that they will be attending each week 48 hours prior to the session time.  
  4. Athletes have access to the groups that they are qualified for by a Peak Strength and Conditioning Coach.