Looking to set some personal running records?

Stuck on a plateau?

Suffering from chronic pain or discomfort while running?

Whether you want to get on the podium, try a new terrain or distance, or just enjoy pain-free running, contact us to see how we can help you.  With a multitude of services to meet your needs, our individual specific approach will help you break through barriers, get rid of nagging injuries, and accomplish new goals all while having fun.  Join Peak Racing for a whole new outlook on running.  

           PEAK Racing Services

Gait Analysis - 90 minute appointment that includes slow motion video analysis of any inefficiencies, identification of injury causes or risk factors, shoe recommendations, corrective exercise prescription etc.  Learn how and why improper biomechanics cause 90% of all injuries and chronic pain.

Private Training - Work one-on-one with a trainer to correct movement issues, learn proper biomechanics for both the weight room and running, develop a workout plan to do at home or in a gym, and accelerate your fitness level by improving strength, speed, strength:weight ratio, etc.

Group Training Classes - We provide small group (3-8), hands on training classes at a variety of different levels and intensities. You must be qualified by a trainer through a consultation or individual training for placement in a specific level (1-3).  New classes will be offered with an emphasis on race specific training beginning in the spring season.  If you are planning on participating in one or more races this season, we highly recommend that you see a trainer as soon as possible to formulate an appropriate plan and have the time to achieve the physiological response needed to improve.

PEAK Partners and Race Links

Looking for a trail race? Check out the Rosaryville Half Marathon and 10k in Upper Marlboro!

Need some gear? PEAK has partnered with Charm City Run to bring all of our clients 10% off! In addition to top of the line gear, they also offer running groups to help keep you accountable and meet new friends to share in the joy of running!

Looking for some extra accountabilty? Tired of running alone? Want to meet new people who love running as much as you? Check out Annapolis Striders!