Nutrition Programs

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PEAK Custom Fitness Solutions offers Nutrition Programs throughout the year in the form of online, group consulting, and lecture series/seminars.  Programs provide up-to date information about a specific health and nutrition topic and/or group nutrition plans that follow a specific model (i.e. vegan, paleo, ketogenic, weight loss, performance nutrition, etc.).  

Group settings are cost effective, motivational, and help with client accountability.  Stay tuned for future programs offerings.  Updates will also be shared via e-mail and social media platforms.  

Athletic Performance Nutrition Program

Begins August 21

Led by Ruthie O'Hehir, PEAK Trainer and Integrative Nutrition Coach

Assisted by Ryan Morrissey, Strength and Conditioning Coach

Food is fuel.

It's time to start treating yourself like a sports car.

Improving nutrition requires a game plan, readiness for change, and a strategy for implementation. Let us equip you with the information and tools needed for improvement.

In this program specific to families with athletes ages 13-22, you WILL learn current nutrition information along with eating strategies that impact sports performance and long term health.

Program Structure:

  • Live video presentation from PEAK Integrative Nutrition Coach, Ruthie O'Hehir

  • Recorded presentation so you can review on your own

  • Private Facebook group for further info, assistance with implementation, and ongoing Q & A through September

Program Content:

  • understanding of macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients

  • importance of whole foods vs. processed

  • food type lists for meal planning

  • healthy snack options

  • hydration needs

  • planning and prep strategies in your busy schedule

Improve your fuel to elevate your performance and long Term Health!

Cost: $75 per athlete or family