Nutrition Services

The human body is programmed to be healthy when provided with the right building blocks such as whole foods and physical activity with quality movement.  PEAK Nutrition Services are based on whole food nutrition with a focus on bio-individuality.  Similar to our exercise prescription, nutritional planning is based on our clients' health history, disease risk factors, age, dietary restrictions, fitness regimen and goals (fitness/performance/cosmetic).  

Don't sacrifice your health or waste time by following a cookie-cutter program.  Contact our Integrative Nutrition Coach, Ruthie O’Hehir today to reach your PEAK!   


  • Decrease total body inflammation

  • Change blood lipid profile

  • Decrease fat mass

  • Increase lean mass

  • Maintain consistent blood sugar levels

  • Improve recovery from exercise and competition

  • Increase energy levels  

  • Maximize physical performance on a daily basis 

  • Learn proper timing of meals for efficient digestion around athletic events.

  • Begin a lifetime of healthy eating habits  


Nutrition Consultation (75-90 minutes) - $120

During this one-on-one meeting, we review your nutrition-related health history, your goals, and your 3-5 day food journal (to be documented prior to your Nutrition Consultation).  We also discuss your schedule/lifestyle as it relates to food preparation and consumption.  Upon completion of the Nutrition Consultation, you will receive a follow up e-mail with next steps that either address red flags and/or recommendations to help you reach your goals.

Virtual Coaching (Monthly) - $120 per month

After the completion of a Nutrition Consultation, you can elect to continue with virtual coaching for ongoing support. Virtually Coaching is conducted through the Cronometer App* which allows your Nutrition Coach to view your daily food journal.  Virtual Coaching requires you to keep a daily log of everything you eat/drink and the quantity.  Your Nutrition Coach will review your food log on a weekly basis and provide guidance, as needed, via e-mail to help keep you on track for your goals.

Follow Up Appointment (1 Hour) - $110 per hour

This service is available to any client who has completed a Nutrition Consultation.  Follow Up Appointments can be used for additional questions or if a client needs more information or guidance beyond what they received in their original Consultation.  For Virtual Coaching clients, a Follow Up Appointment might be necessary, too, if any changes need to be made to their dietary strategy, calories, macronutrient goals, or if they need more information than what can be provided in their weekly check-in (this would be at the discretion of the Nutrition Coach).


Services are provided by Ruthie O'Hehir, Integrative Nutrition Coach and PEAK Trainer.