Nutrition Services

The human body is programmed to be healthy when provided with the right building blocks such as whole foods and physical activity with quality movement.  PEAK Nutrition Services are based on whole food nutrition with a focus on bio-individuality.  Similar to our exercise prescription, nutritional planning is based on our clients' health history, disease risk factors, age, dietary restrictions, fitness regimen and goals (fitness/performance/cosmetic).  

Don't sacrifice your health or waste time by following a cookie-cutter program.  Contact one of our Integrative Nutrition Coaches today to reach your PEAK!   


  • Decrease total body inflammation

  • Change blood lipid profile

  • Decrease fat mass

  • Increase lean mass

  • Maintain consistent blood sugar levels

  • Improve recovery from exercise and competition

  • Increase energy levels  

  • Maximize physical performance on a daily basis 

  • Learn proper timing of meals for efficient digestion around athletic events.

  • Begin a lifetime of healthy eating habits  



Nutritional Consultation (90 min) 

Follow up Appointments (60 min)

Online Coaching

30 Day Plan

60 Day Plan

6 Month Plan

Topic Specific Programs


Services are provided by: 

Amy Turpin, Integrative Nutrition Specialist and PEAK trainer

Ruthie O'Hehir, Integrative Nutrition Specialist and PEAK trainer