To improve the health and performance of our clients through research-based, progressive, and bio-mechanically correct hands-on training, consulting, and education.

PEAK Values

  • For our product: safe, effective, evidence-based training and results.
  • For our staff: education, professionalism, and passion.
  • For our brand: hiring and developing the best service providers, referring to/receiving referrals from the best health professional network, maximizing our clients' potential, providing the customer experience that everyone deserves but rarely receives.


PEAK Custom Fitness Solutions was founded in 2009 by Ryan Morrissey as an avenue for individuals to pursue fitness and performance goals with professional treatment.  After spending years in corporate fitness and sports performance, Ryan was frustrated with the poor quality of service, lack of individual attention, and inconsistency between current research findings and training application.

In January 2010, PEAK partnered with other health professionals in the fields of Physical Therapy, nutrition, counseling, Pilates, yoga and endurance athlete coaching to develop what is known today as the Integrated Services Model: a one stop shop for the general public and athletic population looking to improve performance and health.  PEAK staff and the affiliates that make up the Integrated Services Model share common philosophies, standards of care, and research-based treatment protocols.

PEAK has recently relocated to a larger, more refined facility to offer additional services and provide improved amenities.  For more facility information, click here.