Group Classes

Group training classes are motivating, fun, and budget-friendly.  PEAK's classes combine a social atmosphere, healthy competition (with yourself and/or others if you choose) and a low client to trainer ratio to meet your specific needs.  

Various classes are offered on a weekly basis from beginner to advanced levels of fitness and experience.  A rating system is used to make sure each individual is in a class specific to their needs.  The "levels" of classes are based on PEAK training experience, exercise technique, and conditioning ability.

Note: Prior to taking a class, each new client must set up a Health and Movement Consultation where they will be pre-qualified for an appropriate level of class while learning a proper, safe and effective approach to exercise.  All existing PEAK clients must be pre-qualified for an appropriate level by their trainer.

Use the schedule below to quickly and easily pre-register for PEAK classes!


Class Descriptions

PEAK Foundations - Begin your group training experience here! Learn total body alignment, Myofascial Release techniques, proper stretching protocol, balance, muscular endurance, cardio base training, and core stabilization.  Great way to reap the benefits of group training without feeling left out or lost in a class setting.  Stay at this level as long as you want or use it as a stepping stone toward progressions in Level 1-2 classes.

PEAK Endurance – This class incorporates more complex exercises in all planes of motion along with high repetition ranges, a faster pace, and minimal down time.  Cardiovascular training incorporated in Endurance is aerobic in low - moderate intensity.  PEAK Endurance is a natural progression from PEAK Foundations.  

PEAK Strength – Moderate - high level training class for more experienced clients. These classes incorporate complex, multi-joint patterns with a high level of difficulty.  This class is more traditional strength training format with specific work:rest ratios depending on repetition ranges.  Strength follows a progressive approach with multiple phases of training from Muscular Endurance -> Hypertrophy -> Strength.  Build muscle and strength here!

PEAK BURN - Metabolically demanding class consisting of super sets, circuits, and cardio intervals.  Exercises utilize all functional equipment besides barbells and dumbbells.  Burn compliments the rest of your workout regimen by using med balls, TRX, Bosu Ball, sleds, bands and more to burn calories, improve efficiency, tolerate fatigue, and build functional strength and stability.  Plan to leave here sweaty!

PEAK OCR -  This class is geared toward obstacle race specific training.  A good mix of cardio and strength, OCR blends obstacle specific exercises, cardiovascular training, and a tough pace to prepare clients for upcoming races.  Get comfortable being uncomfortable in here!  Read more about our OCR Team here.

PEAK Yoga - Like no other yoga class you've taken before!  Seriously.  This class offers safe, effective, and progressive postures designed to improve flexibility and mobility, as needed, while reinforcing stability, where needed.  Postures can be modified and/or progressed based on the needs of each participant through the use of props (blocks, straps, bolster/blanket support).  Each class includes breath work to increase body awareness, relax the sympathetic nervous system (fight/flight), and prime the body to receive the benefits of each posture.  PEAK Yoga is open to all levels and designed to to compliment, not interfere with, our clients' weekly workout programming.


Option 1: Pay per class.  

All classes are $30 and must be paid prior to the start of class.

Option 2: (10) Class Package

For $250 you receive 10 classes of your choice.  Feel free to use the package for a variety of classes on the schedule that works for you. Class packages expire in 90 days from purchase.  

All new clients must complete a Health and Movement Consultation prior to joining a class.