Endurance Athlete Coaching


Whether it's finishing a 5K race or a marathon, completing a sprint triathlon or an Ironman, doing a century ride or a stage race, getting back into shape or competing at the highest level in any sport, Kinetic Motion coaches deliver healthy athletes to the starting line, physically and mentally prepared to meet the challenge.

The Kinetic Motion experience begins with a complete evaluation by a PEAK trainer to catch bio-mechanical limitations before they become injuries. For triathletes, the next step is a video-taped session in the pool with Kinetic Motion's swim coach.

Kinetic Motion completes thorough testing to establish the plateau from which the coaches launch a comprehensive coaching plan for each athlete. Additionally, Kinetic Motion provides full-service travel planning to get you to the finest national and international racing venues. Kinetic Motion coaches take athletes of all levels from the beginning of their journey to the finish line of your dreams.